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Insecta and other terptera insects are one of the five most important insect pests in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a group of insects that live in various natural fibers and live in groups.
Tick community classification:
1. reproductive type
Ant queen: the queen of termite, the founder of termites, is the founder of the termites. The queen is a female. The queen is a female. It is specially spawned and can not crawl alone. At the same time, the mouth organ is degenerated, fed by the worker ant, the ant queen is a male, it is a bit bigger than the common termites, the body color is deep, the action is flexible, the Ant King specializes with the queen ant, often in the "Palace" with the queen ant, the food is also required by the worker ant. The common termites are generally after the 1 king and 1 of the 1 groups. But scattered termites and Macrotermes barneyi light groups often after phenomenon between the kings after.
Long wing breeding ant: the only reproductive individual in the termite population is nestling and flying. The survival rate of the long wing breeding ants after dewing is very low, and the survivors form a new group after searching for pairs, chasing and pairing.
Short winged reproductives: no flying ability, not out of the nest, when the original Ant King, Queen of aging or death, instead of.
2. non reproductive type
Worker ants: build nests, repair roads, draw water, feed, carry, feed (feed the ant queen, queen ant, soldier ant, young ant) and nest cleaning and so on. So the number of workers in the group is the largest, for example, more than 95% of the workers in the Yellow thorax termite population. All material damage is from workers.
Soldier: first, duty is to guard and fight to defend the nest. The workers need to feed.
Your habits:
1. groups of life. There are as many as hundreds of thousands of termites in a nest.
2. activities are hidden. Termite is afraid of sunlight, and it is hidden inside the victim.
3. love cleanliness. There are no sundries in the termite and nests
4. information is sensitive. It is highly sensitive to sunlight, temperature and humidity. Long winged reproductives choose fly time is always there is a sharp change in temperature and humidity of the moment
5. groups of reproduction. Termite colony development to a certain extent, produced reproductives, fly the nest, the development of a new nest
The common species of termites:
Termites are widely distributed in the world. There are more than 2600 species. Termites are found in all other continents except Antarctica. There are more than 500 known termites in our country. The most common types are:
1. termites of Taiwan
Long wing propagation ant body long (Lian wing) 13.5~15mm, warm and happy dark, nest position is always selected in the shelter and heat, dark concealment,.5 months start to fly, a nest group has multiple flights, usually in the first ten days of July to fly out, the flight time is more than 7 in the muggy evening, the temperature between 20~30 degrees Celsius.
2. yellow and black termites
Long wing breeding ant body long (Lian Chi) 8~10mm, a wide range of food, all fiber such as cotton and linen goods, bamboo, paper, etc. are eaten, especially in the low-lying humid wood. The ways of harm are generally low to high. When the termites are generally heated in February, the temperature begins to fly in a clear day of 17~20 degrees Celsius, and the time for the separation will continue until the end of April when the time of the flight is at 1~3 in the afternoon.
Reticulitermes chinensis 4~5 began to fly, fly to the end of June, in the afternoon 3~5.
3. termites of black winged soil
Long winged reproductives body length (with wings) 27~29mm, usually in 5~6 months, the sultry evening thunderstorms or rain fly.
4. Macrotermes barneyi light
Long wing breeding ant ant body length (even wing) 28~30mm; 4~5 months, the time of flight separation from 1 in the morning to the end of daylight, before and after flying often have rain.
Governance methods:
Because termite's harm is very concealed, when it is discovered, it has been harming for a long time and destroys. Therefore, the control of termites should be based on prevention.
1, choose natural termite resistant species and different tree species to resist termites. Generally speaking, the greater the wood density, the stronger the ant resistance.
2, clear the breeding ground of termites. Remove housing around the stumps, wood and other wood construction; to avoid direct contact with the ground.
3. Pretreatment of wood and foundation. The use of pre construction wood termite resistance after treatment, in a dry place can be maintained for at least 3 years from termites.
4. For the areas where termites have been damaged, careful examination and thorough and careful treatment are essential. A small piece of wood on the wall may cause a relapse of termites. For the selection of termites, according to the experience of Kam Kang for many years, because of the termite's external environment is very sensitive, the stimulant drug is often difficult to eradicate termites in one time, but the non taxis can be eaten without the termites and are brought back to the nest point to feed the ant and the soldiers.



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