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Cockroach control

1. also known as cockroaches, a habitat and wild habitat two, wild amphibians accounted for the vast majority of
2., incomplete metamorphosis. The 3 stage is egg, nymphs and adults.
3., the fecundity is very strong. For example, a pair of German cockroaches can reproduce 10 million individuals in a year.
4., eating all kinds of food, basically everything can be eaten, including wood, paper, clothing and so on.
5., we are afraid of light. We usually like to hide in warm, wet and dark places.
6., although cockroaches have wings, only some kinds of them can do gliding or short distance flight. Activities mainly depend on feet, and they can crawl very fast.
7., cockroaches survive where there are strong adaptability.
Common species
1. German cockroaches
The body is only 1.3cm, which is distributed in all parts of China. In the area where the temperature is suitable, the 8~9 generation can be propagated in one year. The egg sheath has been carried by the mother body, and the egg contains 37~44 in each sheath. It is very adaptable and even has the tendency of replacing other cockroaches to become the dominant species, which is very serious in China.
2. Blattella black thorax
Large, about 3cm, systemic black brown, oily gloss. The dominant species are widely distributed, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and shanghai. Commonly used in the kitchen, cupboards, cupboards, drawers, stoves, edge gaps, underwater pits, and debris stores, they are made by plants, spoilage and so on. In the midsummer night, there is a tendency to fly into the room.
3. Periplaneta americana
The body length is about 3.5cm. It is the largest indoor species. Its body is reddish brown, and its front chest has a large black brown butterfly spot. Widely distributed, it is the dominant species in southern provinces such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian. It likes to live in humid and oil-bearing places, and is happy to eat corrupt organic and oily food. It has the characteristics of inhabiting and spreading in the water system.
Prevention and control measures:
1. the prevention and control of the environment.
1.1, reduce the source and source of the cockroaches, clean up the spilled food in time, remove the dirt on the kitchen stove and the table, and keep the room dry.
1.2 to keep the environment clean and tidy, clean out the cockroach body, feces and egg sheath, the cockroach trace attraction to cockroaches.
1.3 holes and seams to reduce the hiding place of cockroaches
1.4, the indoor sewer openings are covered with stainless steel cover to prevent cockroaches from entering.
1.5 remove weeds around the house, stone pestle, firewood etc.
2. chemical prevention and control:
2.1 bait treatment
2.2 chemical spraying
2.3 ultra low capacity space processing (ULV)
2.4 local scour treatment



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