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1. the breeding is fast. For example, small family mouse litter 2~4 litter each year, 5~7 only per nest.
2. the harm is great. Pollution and spoiling food, biting products and spreading diseases such as plague, typhoid fever and so on.
3. on the wall. Mice are highly myopic, but their sense of touch and smell are very advanced. They often perceive by walking on their whiskers, which is why mice like to stick to the wall.
4. swimmers. Mice swimming and diving. So in a house instead of a sewer seal, also should be equipped with iron or iron mesh cover.
5. bone shrinkage. Rats can pass through the gap with their own 1/3 size, and mus can pass through the gap of 6.4 millimeters.
6. molars. Rodents are rodents, and the incisors are growing all the time, so they need to keep biting other items like doors to grind short teeth, which is why mice like to bite bad doors, cartons, and so on.
7. color blindness. The poison tune into red, blue warning color will not affect its feeding.
8., spread diseases such as plague, salmonellosis, anthrax, leptospirosis, hemorrhagic fever and so on.
Common species
1. small family mouse
Body length 60~90mm, all over the world, where people live in all places have their footprints. Small size, miscellaneous food, water needs less, generally do not have special drinking water.
2. Rattus norvegicus
The body length 120~250mm, also known as the gown, is all over the world, the city is most inhabited in the sewers and other places, like drinking water. There are groups of habits, strong fecundity, 4~5 and 9~10 months of two breeding peaks.
3. Rattus flavipectus
Body length 130~190mm, mainly distributed in the south of the Yangtze River and southeast of Tibet, in the western mountainous region, in the Qinling Mountains - Songshan area. It is mainly inhabited in the Qinling Mountains Songshan area.

Prevention and control measures:
1. caulking holes. The most common way for mice to enter the room is all kinds of seams, window seams, sewer ports, pipe orbits on the wall, and so on. These gaps should be less than 6 millimeters to prevent mice from entering.
2., eliminate the food sources of mice and reduce their hiding places.
3. drug control
4. physical tool capture
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