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Guzhen integrity insect pest control service Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in termites prevention, mouse control, cockroach control, mosquito and fly control, flea prevention and control, air testing and other professional insecticide service companies, is the municipal approval Health Bureau record unit, China health pest control Association certification unit, the Chinese termites prevention and Control Association Member units, and obtained the qualification certificate of professional disinfection, in line with the HACCP, GMP and three party requirements of high quality service outsourcing deinsectization.
At the same time, agent sales: all kinds of termite drugs. Mosquito killing lamp, cockroach medicine, rat poison, sticky rat board, insecticide and mouse repellent device. Since its establishment, the company has been exploring various environmental issues related to people, and is committed to this field in order to "solve the troubles for you", as our service purpose. In the prevention and control of harmful organisms, we should focus on service quality, win the customers with excellent quality and provide comprehensive, timely and in place services. In the prevention and control, we should attach importance to environmental protection, minimize environmental pollution and impact on people and food.
Guzhen integrity Pest Control Service Co., Ltd. is a PMP company specializing in pest management and research. With the help of the guidance of the Patriotic Health Movement Committee at all levels and the support of relevant departments, the company has been serving all kinds of customers, including four star, five star hotel, food factory, large community, office building, super selling field, large enterprise, factory, school, villa, garden, golf course and so on. A good enterprise image has been set up by the household.
The company has been engaged in harmful biological and environmental management industry for many years, "deep mountain know bird sound, seaside understanding fish", give full play to the advantage of insect pest, with advanced medical equipment, reasonable construction, specimen and treatment, has achieved good results. Professional knowledge is matched by long-term practical experience and strength is unparalleled. From Germany, the United States imports the ultra low volume sprayer, insecticidal smoke machine, rodent bait preparation machine debugging equipment. For all construction drugs, we provide samples or materials for safety (MSDS) certification. One to one tracking service for customers is guaranteed by contract guarantee for prevention effect and drug safety. Pursue market maximization, service optimization, dare to compete, be good at innovation: diligent in business and sincere in service. The concept of "doing things is like being a man" reminds us of the company's top and bottom employees' dedication to every service and striving for perfection. The customer's smile is the biggest incentive for us!



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